Brewer's Play List Volume 1: Rob Lutz of StormBreaker Brewing

Brewer's Play List Volume 1: Rob Lutz of StormBreaker Brewing

In our first Brewer's Playlist we interview Rob Lutz, Brewer and Co-Owner of StormBreaker Brewing in Portland, Oregon. This column explores how music influences brewers in their quest to produce unique and delicious beers. At the end of the interview, a curated Spotify Playlist from Rob is available for the public to listen to. You are welcome.

Q.     How did you get into craft beer?

A.     I started a beer bottle collection when I was in college.  Once I moved through all the Macros beers I needed to find more bottles and found a local bottle shop that carried 500+ different beers.  After finding that there was a lot more to beer, I was hooked.  I ended up getting a job running a craft distributor about a year out of college.  

Q.     How has music influenced your brewing?

A.     I don't know how much influence it has on my brewing.I just like to have something that gets my head bopping in the morning to get me upbeat.

Q.     What type of music do you like to listen to while you brew?

A.     I grew up listening to hip hip, so my go to artists are A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Jurassic 5.  Most old school hip hop.  

Q.     Have you ever brewed a music oriented beer before? If so, please explain what and why? 

A.     No

Q.     Do you play any instruments? If so elaborate. 

A.     No  

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Q.     Who is your favorite musician and why? Nas/A Tribe Called Quest

A.     Both have really seemed to hold up to the test of time.  Their styles are very different from each other, but they were two of the artists that I think stayed really true to where they started. Never really went the hip pop route. For example, Jay-z's first album Reasonable Doubt was incredible.  After his 2nd album, it seemed to become more about what would be the next mainstream hit song, completely different from his original stuff.  

Q.     What was the first concert you went to? Phil Collins with my mom.

A.     What was the most recent concert you went to? Black Star.

Q.     How do you discover new music? 

A.     I pray for Spotify/Pandora to play something I haven't heard.  But the most recent artist I found was Jidenna, after his appearance on Luke Cage.

Q.     What are your favorite online/offline resources for learning new brewing techniques and ingredients? 

A. and  Any beer related publication I can get my hands on.

Q.     What are you excited about coming up at your brewery? (Beer, events, expanding..., etc..)  

A.     As a growing brewery, it is exciting to learn something new almost every day.  To see the improvements we have made in our beers and have it be recognized by my peers.  We have made many changes after working with so many other experienced brewers, it is really encouraging to think about getting better and maybe someday expand production with confidence that others in Oregon or in other states will enjoy what we are doing as much as we do. One of our most recent endeavors is bottling Handfuls of Hops, which is our rotating IPA series.  We actually invited customers to come back and throw a handful of hops into the kettle during the brew.  The beer is a completely different beer every time.  We have brewed 9 different versions but started over version 1 for the bottles.  We are currently getting ready to bottle version 2.

Q.     Spotify Playlist- Choose 10-20 songs you listen to while you brew?

A.     Enjoy Rob's playlist below. Follow Beerheard on Spotify for all of your Playlists.

Song List (Songs not on Spotify noted below. Click on link to listen elsewhere)


Nas-NY State of Mind

A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario

A Tribe Called Quest-Description Of A Fool

Gang Starr-Code Of The Streets

Gang Starr-Soliloquy Of Chaos

Jurrassic 5-What's Golden

Del La Soul-Me Myself And I

De La Soul-Oodles Of O's (not on spotify) 

Jay-z Can't Knock The Hustle (not on spotify) 

The Notorious B.I.G.-The What

Big L-Flamboyant

Digable Planets-Rebirth Of Slick

Slick Rick-Children's Story

The 3rd Annual Portland Craft Beer Festival Pours Next Weekend

The 3rd Annual Portland Craft Beer Festival Pours Next Weekend

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